Deformed Bar

A deformed bar is a long bar that is made up of 100% authentic steel and has specific outcrops or projecting ridges covering it which serves to increase the strength of the deformed bar.

Well in simplest form these steel bars are deformed and their main purpose is to eliminate slippage from the tangible concrete surface and assist in increasing the bond between the materials. The deformed bars have excessive tensile stresses.

BS 4449: 2005 GRADE G500B

G-500 TMT Bars Mechanial Properties:

Yeild Strenght: 50 MPA (min) (72,500psi)

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 575 MPA (min)(83,375 psi)

Elongation (%): 14% (min)

ASTM A615 GRADE 60 / SASO 2/1992

G-60 Bars Mechanial Properties:

Yeild Strenght: 4200 MPA (min) (60,000psi)

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 620 MPA (min)(90,000 psi)

Elongation (%): 9% (min)